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This Exam Winner is a humble attempt to answer the queries of learners and teachers about the changes that have been brought in the
question structure and in the form of questions based on the content in the textbook.
The Specialities of this book are given below:
A simple and brief summary of each lesson is given with its Malayalam translation.
All the activities and questions given after each lesson have been fully answered.
The answers are given immediately after the questions. Malayalam translation of the questions is also given.
Besides the questions in the text, additional questions and their answersre given.
Questions on grammar and discourse are also included in this book.
At the end of the book March 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Public Examination Question Papers with Answers are included.
We hope that this book will help the students improve their study in the new approach of grading system and to get A+ grade in English.




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